Erika Grijalva



Municipal procurement meets less than 1% of the service needs by requesting over-specified solutions based on little market research that only few vendors can supply, which is causing them to over spend 30 times more on reinventing solutions.


Solution Assumptions

  • Users need to collect city problem data to procure services to solve pressing city needs
  • Users seeks collaboration throughout the procurement process, help on how to frame needs as open problems, market intelligence, diverse vendors and contracts
  • The biggest product risk is that users will refuse to adopt a new method to conduct their workflow
  • We mitigate by making a product easy to use than paperwork
  • The product will need to interact with open city data, city email services

User Assumptions

  • Who? User includes program analysts, agency heads and employees, vendors, citizens
  • What problem? Our products offers them a streamlined workflow to create open problems and acquire services that solve pressing city needs
  • When & How? When a city agency is in need to address a community problem they can submit that request to kickstart the procurement process
  • What features? Problem submission, problem categorization, city problems visualization, notifications
  • Look and behavior? Clean, organized information, ease of use, integrated with their current tools

Riskiest Assumption

By inviting agency employees via email to submit their constituents’ problems and solution ideas to our product, we can grow a database of problems and solutions. We will know we’re right when employees in more than two agencies are submitting their ideas and constituents’ problems

Journey Map

Use Case

Gil S Program Analyst


When reporting incidents around the city Jacob has noticed an increased number of bike accidents due to delivery vehicles parking on shared bicycle lanes.

He has resources to create promotion campaigns for awareness, but feels frustrated at the lack of results from awareness campaigns. He thinks that partnering with other city agencies to collaborate solving this problem they can increase the impact for bike commuters, messengers, and tourists. His goal is to gain support from policy makers to enforce less illegal parking.

User Flow



Media funders are making decisions based on anecdotal information and relationships they have built throughout their careers.

StoryPilot is an online data repository that helps media makers strategize, evaluate, and communicate their projects’ impact by providing them with insights and objective analysis about the influence of media across multiple areas and within various contexts.



Sarah is deeply involved in developing applications and giving feedback on what applicants should improve. Sometimes searches Google to see if some things are true in applications. Tracks her organization’s impact via trade magazines promotion,personal relations, word-of-mouth, and if films make it into festivals.

Pain points
•I receive tons of proposals and lack time to review them
• It’s tricky to assess the value or relevance of a film proposal
• It’s hard to get actual proof of a film’s impact.

Goals & Motivations
• Aspire to help projects that will have an impact on society and can benefit the most from their platform
• Decrease confusion around impact measurement
• Maintain self-efficacy in funding process
• Seek to be recognized by other organizations, foundations, and friends.


David is constantly seeking funds for film’s production. Includes other films as case studies in summaries about his film and use Google Trends to find topics relevant to his film. Also applies for grants for post-production. Partners with activist organizations as a road to funding & audience. Years ago tracking a film meant having a blog & festivals it was going. Now he tracks everything in spreadsheets.

Pain points
• It’s such a waste of time to google festivals related to my film
• It’s tricky to prove the value or relevance of a film’s proposal

Goals & Motivations
•Aspire to tell stories in an artful manner, as a way to express themselves or tell the story of the society we live in.
• Increase understanding about a story and bring solutions to a problem

Journey Map

Design System



Sierra Club had a vision to invent a platform to accelerate grassroots environmentalism.

AddUp is a digital platform that demonstrates the future of digital advocacy, blending grass roots organizing with the power of data, predictive recommendations, and social sharing to increase action and demonstrate collective impact.


Initial Requirements

Project Plan